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Certified Coaches and Adult Volunteers

All our coaches and volunteers are qualified or in the process of becoming qualified with the British and Welsh judo associations.

All have a clean DBS check, and have completed or are in the process of completing, obtaining or attending a Sport England Children’s Safeguarding Course, a First Aid Qualification, and a course on Disabilities.

Roy Court MBE

BJA Level 3 Coach. 2nd Dan

Roy started his judo career in 1976. In 1982, as a result of a number of enquiries he started his research into judo for the disabled. Over the past 30 years he has helped start and build the project in many countries throughout the world. 
He has organised many major tournaments in Europe and afar and has been technical delegate at 2 Special Olympics World Summer Games. 
Roy is a BJA 2nd Dan and has a vision of Judo for All.
Over the years he has won many awards for his work, for which he thanks his students. “If we don’t have students, you don’t have coaches, so these awards may never have come about.”
Roy has been an officer and spokesman on many committees and is the Welsh Judo Association Liaison Officer for Special Needs.
Throughout Cardiff, and around Wales he is known has Royjudo.

Katarzyna Filip

Welfare & Safeguarding Officer. 2nd Kyu

Katarzyna is the primary carer for her 6 year old son, Adam, who has special needs. 

Katarzyna initially enrolled Adam in Wisp judo in the hope that it was something that would appeal to him as not all sports are suitable for him given his disability.

Having found that Adam had really taken to judo, Katarzyna donned a gi herself and joined us on the mat. She is now a regular club member, attending our senior sessions as well as our fully inclusive Saturday morning sessions with Adam. Katarzyna recently graded to 6th kyu.

Katarzyna and Danielle together make up our team of safeguarding officers.

Danielle Bale

Welfare & Safeguarding Officer. 3rd Kyu

Danielle joined Wisp judo a year and a half ago as a family exercise and found that she really enjoyed it.

Progressing steadily up the ranks, she is a force to be reckoned with on the mat but also very empathetic towards club members with special learning needs.

Danielle and Katarzyna together make up our team of safeguarding officers

Roddy Short

BJA Level 2 coach. 1st Dan

As well as having trained in judo for a short while in his youth, Rod has been actively involved with judo for the last eight years since getting his own kids involved in the sport.

Rod's main focus in judo is fitness and he is especially keen on pursuing the traditional aspects of Kodokan judo as taught by judo's founder, Jigoro Kano.

Rod is a level two coach and takes an active role in our Friday evening and Saturday morning classes.

Milton Baker

BJA Level 2 coach. 1st Dan

Milton's journey started back in the day, boxing with Pat Thomas and the crew. 

As well as boxing, Milton has also spent quite some time developing his kung fu skills and still trains to this day.


Milton's youngest son raised the subject of judo which prompted him to search for some local clubs. Having found a couple, he spared no time in signing himself up and is now a level two coach, helping out with our very busy Saturday morning classes.

Katie Moore

BJA Level 1 Coach. 1st Kyu

Katie has been involved with judo since the age of 5 and has competed at national level for Wales.


Katie was encouraged by her dad, who was a judoka when he was young, as he wanted her to learn how to defend herself. 

After her first session she was hooked, and got involved with Wisp through high school when meeting Roy while he was running a session at the school. 

Katie loves how at Roy's club anyone can join in no matter what. Katie's aspirations for the club are that we continue to grow as a club and become a successful super club for Cardiff.

Gary Collins

BJA Level 1 Coach. 1st Kyu

Gary started judo at 8 years old at Cardiff Central when Roy was the coach and was a member of the Welsh Judo squad during the late 80s/early 90s.

He has dipped in and out of judo several times over the years due to work commitments but keeps coming back, and has always returned to clubs coached by Roy, including Howardian High School and now St. Mellons.


Gary also trained in Ninjitsu for a while along with a little bit of Karate, though admits that both were a quite a long time ago.

Steve Martin

BJA Level  1 Coach. 1st Kyu

Steve started judo in the late 70s/early 80s at the Yamamoto institute of judo in Southport. Unfortunately, the club was forced to close and it was some 30 odd years later that Steve chose to seek out a club and start again.

When she became old enough and sufficiently interested, Steve's daughter, Natasha joined Wisp judo and took to it really well. Seeing the club growing, Steve volunteered to help out with the big classes and is now actively working towards attaining his level 1 coaching qualification.

Tom Andrews

BJA Level 1 Coach. 1st Kyu

Tom got involved in judo at the age of 27 and has been training at multiple classes and clubs for the last three years.


As well as judo, Tom has a background in boxing, which he participated in when he was younger. He also does a little training in MMA (mixed martial arts) where he can combine his boxing and judo skills.

Tom has used judo as a focus for fitness and weight loss, having lost seven stone since taking up the sport.

Liam King

Volunteer. 1st Kyu

Liam is a regular at our Friday night classes in Llanyderyn where he helps out with the junior classes before taking part in our senior session.

Annalise Jeannette

Volunteer. 3rd Kyu

Annalise is a SN Volunteer who has participated in judo throughout her years in Woodlands High School and has continued since leaving school.

She first joined our judo club as a judoka and then progressed on to becoming a volunteer where she provides one-on-one support with Alex, one of our SN members.

Presently a green belt and actively working towards her blue belt, she will be attending a sports leadership course run by Sport Cardiff later on this year.

"I love going to judo because it helps me with my coordination. "

"Judo is so much fun"

Annalise is a great asset to our team.

Craig Fitzgibbon

Volunteer. 1st Dan

Craig has been a competitive and loyal member of the club for a number of years.

He is in the process of gaining points at events to secure his dan grade.

Craig also trains MMA in Cardiff and will start to pursue a coaching career once he has reached his goals in Judo and MMA.

Craig is a competitor first but in sessions his experience is passed on to the members.

Kirsty Macentee

BJA Level 1 Coach. 1st Dan

Kirsty is a Level 1 coach and Wisp's secretary. She works tirelesly behind the scenes for our various clubs, taking session fees, coaching, ordering kit, mat laying, photocopying and all the other important jobs that need to be done to keep Wisp running smoothly.

Kirsty has been involved in our clubs for many years and has been a carer/helper on many of our trips throughout Europe.


She attended the 2007 Special Olympics World Games in Shanghai China as an assistant technical delegate for judo. She also attended with a group on a disability course and training week in New York, USA.

Andrew Macentee

Volunteer coach/1st Dan approved by BJA for competing in events throughout Europe

This year, Andrew will be taking a SN sports leadership course run by sport Cardiff.

Andrew has been participating in judo since he was 5 years of age, winning many events throughout Europe, at events in: Italy, Slovenia, Holland, Germany, Finland and Sweden.

One of the first six judo players with SN to receive their dan grade, which was presented at the SN British Closed Championships in Scotland.