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As judoka, we look towards the achievement of our black belt, or first dan to give it its proper title, as the ultimate achievement. However, the path to black is paved with belts of many colours. During the course of your judo training, you will be given the opportunity to demonstrate your skills at frequent gradings.

Wisp judo gradings are undertaken in line with BJA/WJA guidelines with juniors (15 years and under) following the 'mon' syllabus and seniors following the 'kyu' syllabus.

The kyu syllabus progresses through the belts starting from white through: red, yellow, orange, green, blue, brown.
Judoka are expected to demonstrate skills relating to: breakfalls, throws, holds, joint locks, and choke holds.

The mon syllabus follows the colour scheme of the kyu syllabus but is subdivided into three sub-grades per belt, with the intermediate grades being represented by coloured stripes on the belt. The reason behind this is to provide younger judoka a meaningful progression through the grade system without having to demonstrate the number of techniques that a senior judoka would be expected to demonstrate for their grades.

Junior judoka will not be expected to, nor permitted to demonstrate joint locking or choking techniques.

It should be noted that in order for grades to be recognised outside of our club, judoka will need to be in possesion of a judo license provided through either the BJA or WJA for a fee. Judoka wishing to attend competitions or to train at multiple clubs will need a valid license in order to be covered by the judo association insurance.