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"Our sons have been attending the judo sessions run by Roy Court in St Mellons . In the relatively short time the boys have been training at the club we have been delighted with their progress. We live in the Neath area but could not find a local instructor who was confident they could meet their needs. My oldest son has autism and significant learning difficulties and my youngest son has autism.  Both boys find social communication and interaction very difficult because of their autism.  


My oldest son found it very difficult at first and constantly tried to leave the training area. Roy and his assistants were very patient yet firm with him and gradually the incidents have reduced. He also finds following instructions very difficult and generally does not imitate other people's actions. During the time we have been attending class we have seen a great improvement in his ability to follow instructions and he has started to try and copy the physical actions of others in the class. His energy levels were very poor at first but these have also improved considerably.

My youngest son has also benefited greatly from the sessions. He is hyperactive and constantly on the go both at home and at school. The sessions have provided him with an opportunity to work off some of his excess energy in a productive way. The training sessions have helped him in that he has to interact with other children in order to train effectively. His ability to follow instructions has also started to improve. 

During the time the boys have been attending judo we have noticed an improvement in their behaviour outside of class as well. My oldest son has been far more willing to communicate and indicate his preferences. They have both been much better at following instructions and much more willing to carry out tasks independently.

We have been really impressed with Roy and his fellow instructors at the club. They have been incredibly patient with both boys whilst ensuring they have made good progress at every session. The boys both enjoy the sessions very much and are always very excited when we arrive at the centre for classes."

A Parent

“Hi Roy

I wanted to tell you about some of the benefits that Angharad has from attending Judo.

She has Down Syndrome and that means she has physical as well as learning difficulties.

She is a visual learner so she really benefits from the way that you demonstrate the moves and from watching the other players.

Her ability to listen to instruction has improved significantly in the time that she has been attending your classes.

Her teachers at school have noticed the difference especially in PE & games but in other subjects too.

Physically judo has helped to improve her balance and coordination as she has learned what she can do with her body by repeating moves over & over and how she can change what happens by making small changes.

Thank you for your endless patience in teaching her how to do a forward roll safely. She has proportionately short arms & legs so she now knows how to avoid hurting herself.

Her confidence has grown tremendously through the classes & she doesn't say "I can't" like she used to.

She likes the physicality of the classes & she believes that she CAN throw the boys & hold them down even though she is smaller. Now she is much more likely to say "it’s easy for me" which is a huge boost & great to see.

Please feel free to share my comments however you wish.”

A Parent

“our session today has been my favourite activity of our week so far.  It was brilliant for the children and they really enjoyed it.  It was great to see them taking turns, listening, following instructions and showing respect for the sport.  You pitched the activities perfectly for them with plenty of action and even those who were unsure initially got stuck in!
I have sent you a couple of pictures but will check with the families tomorrow and see if I can send you a couple more.
Thank you so much for your time, I hope we can do something similar again in the future.
Best wishes”

Victoria, Vision 21

“Dear Roy
On behalf of Woodlands High School I would like to thank you for providing every
pupil with the opportunity to experience judo taster sessions at school. I have
received really positive feedback from the all teachers that have been involved
with the pupils at the sessions, commenting on how they have seen the pupils
engaging in the activities where initially some of them may have been reluctant
to participate. So many of the pupils have asked me if they can have more
sessions. It is lovely to see them enthusiastic and hungry for more. 
I am looking forward to setting up the after school club with you so that our
pupils can have the opportunity to build on what they have already learned from
Kind regards”

Andrea Williams, PE Teacher

“Being a main carer for my 6years old son with special needs means I am always looking for new opportunities for him. This turned out to be quite difficult because of my son's disability not every sport meets his needs.

I found information about Judo WISP ST MELLONS which is located nearby where we live. I contacted Roy Court who runs the club and he invited Adam to join the club on next Saturday morning. I was worried that Adam will not cope in the judo class and will be turned down after first session.

I was delighted to see that the Judo team in WISP ST MELLONS showed complete dedication and determination to continue to train Adam.

Due to his disability Adam receives 1:1 support throughout the session. Roy and every member of the Club who train with Adam totally accept him. Adam enjoyes each session, smiles, looking forward for each Saturday morning. He loves it.

After a few months Adam's younger brother joined the Judo Club. I also decided to train Judo and become a volunteer at Judo WISP ST MELLONS on each Saturday morning. Judo became not just an activity for our family but it has become our life style.  Judo has changed our lives.”

Katarzyna Filip